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8 ideas to reset and refocus: Put YOU first.
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8 ideas to reset and refocus: Put YOU first.

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Go on, get out there! Take it all in. Breathe. Connecting with nature is just one way some put themselves FIRST. No…that isn’t selfish, that’s 🧡 .

It’s so important that we take time to clear our minds, learn about ourselves and nurture our happiness. For the bod, the mind, the heart… everything! 

When it comes to her well-being, Olympic sprinter Madeline Price feels the same and has developed some great habits to help keep her in good-vibes-mode and stay focused on her goals.

She wanted to share her tips with you in hopes that they help keep your well-being in top form. 

* * * * *

I believe we’re always in a constant state of change. We ebb and flow through different phases of life, phases of time, emotions, and now phases of a pandemic. 

 A cool part of being human… we're able to feel all the feels as we constantly change. 

But when our feelings, especially when we suppress those lovely emotions or external factors beyond our control, become overwhelming, there are things you can do to get back on track.

Here are a few things I do to refresh & re-set to ensure I’m feeling my best:

Madeline yellow sweater

1. Surround yourself with bright energy.  

I throw on a bright-coloured sweater or grab a bold cup of coffee to lift myself. I believe adding bright external cues to my day helps. 

Madeline gardening

2. Do some gardening! Growth requires patience.

Anyone else starts a quarantine garden or indoor plant collection? Gardening has been a true practice in patience - something I’m always trying to get better at. I find it therapeutic to take care of something else, to nourish it, and see it grow — a good reminder for myself. 

Best Moisturizer for face

3. Add some glow into your life.

Look good on the outside; feel good on the inside, right? Putting a moisturizer on that gets my skin glowing hits the refresh button like nothing else. Pamper yourself! 

Madeline's Dog

4. Get outside - walk, hike, ride, run... and I bring a furry friend.

Studies have shown being in nature (or even listening to sounds of nature – check it out!) helps mental and physical well-being. Taking Brooklyn, my dog, to a local river or park next to my fav coffee shop helps clear my head and pause the overthinking that accompanies my stress. 

5. Go for a drive... windows down, music, and back roads.

Driving is my go-to, especially when in need of a good cry. Giving myself the permission and space to let it all out has been one of the healthier habits I have adopted. Compartmentalizing emotions until ‘the right’ time comes to feel them, was something I used to do often. But disclaimer; that ‘right time’ doesn’t just pop up; you create it. Going on drives is my way to create space to think, cry, sing to my feel-good Spotify playlist, and enjoy the road. 

Best Tacos 

6. Find some good food.

Tacos: get in ma belly! I love trying new food and the adventures that come along with new things. So, pairing this with getting out of my environment at home is also an awesome way I refresh. (Obviously, COVID rules in place - be safe!) 

Hug a dog

7. Hug someone.

(in your COVID-safe circle, of course!) 

8. Talk. Talk. Talk

Find people who allow you to talk while they listen. Having real talk has been an incredible addition to my life. I lean into my sports psychologist, my mum, my partner, my sister, a friend… talking it out helps, and I realize I’m not alone!

* * * * *

If you find you’re not feeling your best - ahem, we're feeling this a lot lately - try some of the habits Madeline uses. Most importantly, remember it’s 100% ok to put you first. 


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