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Peak Performance & Natural Beauty With Erin Rafuse.

Peak Performance & Natural Beauty With Erin Rafuse.


Erin Rafuse is an Olympic athlete and former member of the Canadian National Sailing Team. She is a 3x North American Champion 49erFX, 3x Canadian Champion 49erFX, 5th at Miami World Cup and she competed in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in 49erFX. She has experienced the highs and lows of an athletic career that carried her all the way to Rio in the first year that the women's skiff was represented at the Olympics. Now, Erin is looking forward to using this knowledge and understanding to guide the new generation of sailors to be their best, hoping to coach at both the youth and Olympic levels.

Her love for sailing began at age 11. In 2005, she was awarded the title of youth sailor of the year. For Erin, sailing is awesome because "there's no better feeling than being on the ocean." Sailing also gets points for the way it gets you outside, and that you can do it at any age.

In addition to working hard for sailing events, she's now training for other adventures like triathlons.

We wanted to know the vital role a healthy lifestyle plays in being able to maintain peak performance. Erin says, "Eating a healthy diet is a vital part of high performance." She is keenly aware of just how important it is to fuel your body properly for not only competition but also for everyday activity. She even attempts to grow her own vegetables in the summer. Though she reports that she is only successful half the time.

Her desire for wholesome ingredients in food, like produce straight from the garden is paralleled by her feeling that you should also be vigilant in knowing what goes on your body. "I think it's essential to be aware of the ingredients in each product you are using," Erin explains. "There are so many harmful chemicals in beauty products that many are unaware of. Taking a natural direction in what you are using is a great step in limiting any unsafe ingredients and living a more healthy life."

This is particularly important in a sport like sailing. The extremes of the sun, wind, water impurities (Hello Rio!) and the sheer effort that manifests in your facial expressions can take their toll. Erin is acutely aware of how the elements "can have a very aggressive play in my appearance." For her, having a face care regime that helps fight that battle is massive. "Being outside always gives me more energy. I love the fresh air and not being confined to small spaces. But being in the sun and wind really does a number on my face. I constantly try and keep my skin hydrated and protected from the sun." Erin trusts Vital Facecare Keep 'Em Guessing moisturizer to help keep effects of the elements at bay, naturally.

When asked, "what does beauty mean to you?" Erin had this to say.

Beauty, to me, is being comfortable and happy in my own skin. Having confidence in my appearance absolutely translates to confidence in my sport. I believe to be comfortable and confident while competing, you need to be comfortable and confident in yourself and how you feel.

To her, being active outside is her natural state. And that is a beautiful way to live.

Welcome to Team Vital!

To learn more about Erin Rafuse, follow her journey @erafuse