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Hydration Helps Hide Lines And Prevent Wrinkles

Hydration Helps Hide Lines And Prevent Wrinkles


The number one thing that makes aging skin look a whole lot older than it actually is?

The lack of water in your skin!  Simple, huh?

And no, you can’t re-up the missing moisture by splashing more of it on your skin or increasing your H2O intake (though that benefits your body in other ways). You need to diligently use a product that restores the lost moisture, to plump it up and fill in those fine lines and deeper wrinkles. 


Our Take Your Time Bio Cell Wrinkle Defense is a plant-powered treatment that protects, repairs and hydrates extra-thirsty skin.

The results you’ll see?

1.  Plumper, smoother, and healthier skin

Skin that looks parched and paper-thin? Not yours. This gel-based moisturizer calls upon organic aloe to instantly plump up and nourish skin, giving it a bouncy (read: super youthful) texture. Try applying this under makeup to give skin a polished canvas effect, and makeup will glide easily over top!

2. Instant youth

Plant-based hyaluronic acid is the secret restorer of lost moisture: this hard-working humectant draws moisture from the surrounding environment and infuses it into skin. As well, this ingredient is famous for holding the moisture in place.

Is a pesky fine line driving you crazy? Load it up with hyaluronic acid and you’ll be wondering where it scrambled off to.

3. Tightened skin and smooth texture

The unique peptide complex blend rushes in to repair skin on a cellular level while coaxing skin into building more collagen—the protein that gives skin that firm, bouncy quality.

What’s more: this youthifying elixir is FREE of phthalates, parabens and sulfates.

For best skin care results: use twice daily by dabbing this around the orbital bone, along the forehead and upper cheek area. You can use it all over—face and neck, too!

So, we continue to encourage you to get out there, get dirty, and live your best life—this product will always be there to help you erase the signs of all the stress you put it through. We’ll see you on the other side of the finish line.


“Keeping skin slightly damp when applying this product will help retain moisture, boosting hydration levels.”


Take Your Time Bio Cell Wrinkle Defense delivers:

  1. Smooth skin that looks freshly hydrated
  2. A radiant and youthful look to skin
  3. Protection from environmental damage
  4. A reparative effect on damaged skin
  5. A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles