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In The Fast Lane With Madeline Price.

In The Fast Lane With Madeline Price.


Team Canada Sprinter, 4x400 World Championships Finalist, and Tokyo 2021 Olympic hopeful, Madeline Price has been living life in the fast lane since before she was born. Speed runs in her veins, passed down by her late father, a professional race car driver and off-road motorcycle racer.

Madeline (also known as Maddy, Price, MJP and Paddy [Maddy + Price]), has been competing for the Canadian National team since age 17.

Although she was born and raised in San Francisco, CA, she's a dual citizen with parents born in Canada. “In choosing to compete for Canada, I wanted to feel the immense Canadian pride that is so contagious, to hold the flag up and have those opportunities on a global scale in track. Through my family, I always feel so connected to my Canadian roots."

Growing up, her parents instilled the philosophy of ‘try everything and never be afraid to fail’ which helped foster her love of competing and team sports.

"Racing felt like the purest form of competition: racing against the clock, against your competitors, against yourself."

Madeline sitting in a race car with dad.

"I always joke that speed and racing are in my blood because of my dad. Growing up, I always loved going fast, just like he did. Sprinting called my name!” Four years ago, Maddy tragically lost her father to cancer. Feeling lost and broken without her 'north star', the sport they bonded so tightly around, ended up being the sport that helped her find strength to continue.

"I started to slowly to find my own light and confidence again through throwing myself back into training with my team. Being the best teammate I could be."

Maddy riding her bike.

Beyond the track, Maddy finds nature to be a positive source of energy. She found true love in cycling - and gardening - while in recovery mode from a recent foot injury.

"Getting out in the forest and whipping on the roads is so exhilarating. It feels bigger than ourselves. The greatness, the vastness, the truly awe-inspiring beauty will forever keep me going back."

Madeline Price's garden and fruits of labour

"I started a vegetable garden at the start of lockdown and ended up harvesting so many vegetables. It was therapeutic. Watching my garden grow while I was progressing in my injury recovery, it was a real practice in patience.”

Maddy also recognizes the health benefits of eating natural foods to support her lifestyle.

"I love food! It has been such a fun (and difficult) learning process of finding ways to fuel my body in an individualized and healthy way. When I am eating natural foods, finding unique recipes, and meal prepping, I feel stronger in training and life."

So, when it comes to skin care, it shouldn't surprise you this future Olympian subscribes to a similar approach when bringing skincare products into her routine.

"We only get one body. So, it's important to have a skin care routine that helps fight the stress I put my skin through. I squint and furrow my brow when running - using high quality, certified organic products now, will set me up for future skin success."
Maddy with Vital Facecare products

After trying Vital Facecare products and talking with the team about their mission and values, Maddy explained: I felt so good about using skin care products in my routine that;

  1. I know work for me
  2. Use natural and organic ingredients
  3. The company's values fit with who I am!
    (and big bonus #4: Vital is Canadian. Woo hoo!)

Madeline Price stretching on fence before running

"When I feel good on the outside, I stand up a little taller and feel a little more ready to take on whatever comes my way."

So how does she prep to win each day?

Madeline Price using her favourite skin care products

"After meditating and having my coffee, I wash my face with Suck It Up, put on the Keep 'Em Guessing Moisturizer, and some sunscreen. I'll dab Look Lively under my eyes, add a touch of Burt's Bees Mattifying Powder, a touch of mascara, brush my teeth, and literally run out the door."

And with that, we'll leave you with our newest Vital Facecare ambassador's favourite quote - because it's now our favourite quote too:

"Make each day your masterpiece." John Wooden

Get inspired. Follow Madeline on Instagram: @maddypriceless