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Keep 'Em Guessing: Natural Face & Neck Firming Moisturizer.

Keep 'Em Guessing: Natural Face & Neck Firming Moisturizer.


When you’re committed to staying active, your mind is focused, and there is nothing that gets in the way of you crushing your goals. Hail-battered run? No problem. Blinding sunshine during the bike portion of your triathlon? Sign. You. Up. You’re one who loves to embrace all of the fluctuations that comes with the elements, which add a layer of challenge to keeping up an active lifestyle. The only drawback on all this fun? It’s stressing out (and eeek...aging!) your skin.

“Your secret to skin that looks brighter, younger and healthier." 


So you ask...what results can you expect?

1.  Skin that looks brighter, younger and healthier

You need a do-it-all moisturizer that can keep up with your pace. The Keep ‘Em Guessing Peptide Face and Neck Firming Moisturizer is a unique blend of all natural ingredients that work immediately and long-term to improve your skin’s tone over time. So take the idea of a basic moisturizer and turn it on its head—this is the out-performer that you’ve been looking for.

2. An added layer of protection

Those nasty free radicals are impossible to avoid unless you plan to never leave your house. Keep ‘Em Guessing is loaded with Bee Propolis, an ingredient that helps protect against free-radical damage—something that is basically impossible to avoid when you’re getting outside and staying active. Bee Propolis also slays bacteria while acting as the ultimate anti-inflammatory agent. Reducing inflammation is crucial for getting that covetable, younger-looking skin.

3.  A skin-softener

What would a moisturizer be if it couldn’t give you that instant feeling of velvet on skin? You can thank royal jelly preserve for that—it’s bursting with nutrients that smooth skin while working in tandem with bee propolis to support skin’s natural renewal process.

4.  Immediate hydration in a matter of seconds

Think of a fresh, cool drink of water for your skin—that’s the effect you’ll see once you apply the moisturizer. This immediately plumping of skin is thanks to a plant-based hyaluronic acid, which also works to brighten skin overall (which, translates into more youthful-looking skin—but more on that below).

5.  Brighter, younger-looking skin

Glycolic acid helps speed up skin cell turnover, which slows (just the tiniest bit) every single day. To help move this process along, glycolic acid helps to remove dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin. Without the sweep, it’s harder for products that you apply afterward to penetrate. Think of this ingredient as the butt kick your skin needs to stay healthy-looking and glowy, on the reg.

Did we mention? This skin-saving blend is made without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. And the packaging is designed to move through life with ease, so you don’t have to worry about spills. Our air tight pumps keep the product contained while dispensing the perfect amount exactly when you need it.


So feel free to kick back—or go hard, depending if it’s a training day or a rest day—and face the elements, knowing that you’ll have a secret weapon waiting in the wings (a.k.a your beauty cabinet) to repair skin before you hit the pillow and do it all again tomorrow.



Keep ‘Em Guessing Peptide Face and Neck Firming Moisturizer delivers:

  1. Total firming treatment for your face and neck.
  2. Plumped, hydrated and happy skin.
  3. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  4. Protection from free-radical damage.
  5. Instant smoothness to skin.