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Look Lively: Natural Firming Eye Cream

Look Lively: Natural Firming Eye Cream


You love the idea of hitting the pavement, lacing up for a leafy hike and exploring new physical challenges. But the strain on your muscles also leads to repetitive motions (or expressions) on your skin, from squinting in the sun to straining delicate skin while you’re exerting force. And these factors create a perfect storm for fine lines around the eyes.

Look Lively Eye Cream is an advanced firming eye cream that targets that paper-thin skin that needs a little extra love. It’s formulated to stimulate cell growth, retain water and protect the skin around your eyes from further environmental damage.

The results you’ll see? Firmer, more youthful-looking skin in a matter of weeks.

Here’s how:

1.  Protects skin from the environmental pollutants you face.

Organic cranberry serves as the antioxidant in this lightweight blend, which is essential for keeping environmental damage at bay. Free radicals are nearly impossible to avoid, especially when you’re living an active lifestyle—nearly any kind of activity generates free radicals! But cranberries put up a barrier of defence against things like dirt, debris, pollution and smoke, all of which can clog pores and leave a film on skin that over time, will lead to skin aging and an overall dull appearance.

2.  Increase firmness and overall smoothness.

Next up is a retinol alternative derived from the ocean, which functions like the traditional skincare anti-aging star to increase cell turnover speed, which improves skin texture and reduces dark spots. This superhero from the sea also stimulates cell renewal, boosts collagen and elastin. Because it’s a plant-based version of synthetic retinol, it’s more bio-available, meaning your body (and skin) process the ingredient more efficiently than the chemical counterpart.

3.  Repair and step-up skin’s resilience.

You’ll also get some backup support from Matrixyl 3000, a sophisticated blend of peptides that encourage cell growth and elasticity while targeting fine lines. And finally, a Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 is a complex combo that includes amino acids to help tighten skin an re-up collagen production. This is essential, as collagen decreases each year you blow out birthday candles.

So that radiant and seemingly elusive, bouncy skin will be yours, with little effort - just leave it to the ingredients to do the heavy lifting.

How to use it.

After you’ve thoroughly cleansed and toned your skin, press down on the airtight pump to release a pea-sized amount. Apply along the orbital bone just underneath your brows and under your eyes—never on your actual eyelid or near your lash-line. Use Look Lively morning and night—during the day, you can layer makeup over it with no worry about pilling under foundation, primer or concealer.

These ingredients are kept as fresh as possible within our airtight pump. This means the bottle will only release the exact amount you need (less wasted product)—right down to the last drop—and pollutants from the environment (which can spoil products and render them ineffective) can’t enter. This delivery system means you’ll squeeze out every last drop. You’re likely looking for products that perform with the same effort that you exert, so you’ll be happy to know that the ingredients themselves are 97% naturally derived, and 70% organic. Nearly good enough to eat, without any of the junk.

“When applying eye cream, use your ring finger. It's the one that will release the least amount of pressure onto your eye area, which is crucial to keeping that skin intact." 



Kick back and let Look Lively get to work. With dozens of organic, botanical oils, vitamins, minerals and peptides, this eye cream soothes and repairs the fragile skin around your eyes without having to rely on ineffective synthetics. These clean and organic ingredients align with your active lifestyle, so there’s no need to make compromises.