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Suck It Up: Natural Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser.

Suck It Up: Natural Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser.


Much like the pull to watch a Netflix marathon instead of taking a riverside jog, you know the value in prioritizing and following through with an active lifestyle will reap multiple benefits for your body. And it’s the same with cleansing. The temptation to skip the wash and crash when you’re exhausted from a day of hitting those 15,000 steps is real.

But your skin is in constant marathon mode, working hard to protect your vital organs while taking on so much: it’s the first line of defense against sun damage, and it takes the brunt of everything you throw at it, from environmental assailants to makeup and fragrance. And you thought your muscles were sore from that workout!

Quashing the excuse is so much easier when you know the results are worth it (with less effort than burpees). The Suck it Up Bamboo Charcoal Pore Refining Cleanser is the all-star in your bathroom cabinet that will be standing on the podium in no time.


The results you’ll see? Ultra-clean skin


The inky dark colour in the cleanser isn’t just captivating for visual purposes: the bamboo charcoal powder functions like a micro vacuum that gently suctions every little bit of debris that builds up on skin, from pollution to oil and makeup. Think of it like a regular cleanser, but with highly-efficient and effective ingredients.

And... there's none of that gunky, streaky mess in your sink afterwards - YAY!

Petal-soft texture

Post-cleanse, you’ll leave with super-soft skin that doesn’t feel stripped. That covetable texture is thanks to lavender water, which steps up to the plate to calm inflammation (where all skin issues start), and counter free radical damage. Free radical damage is near impossible to avoid, as it accumulates each time you go outside, or exert energy when you exercise.

A head start for other ingredients

A unique blend of 10% MSM infusion works to increase cell permeability, so your skin is primed for optimum absorption of the next set of ingredients that you apply in your routine. Think of this as the warm-up before the hardcore workout. We recommend chasing the cleanser with toner, face and eye cream.

BONUS: the entire formula is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. For best results, get in the habit of cleansing skin as soon as you get home for the day to avoid the buildup of grime (and eventually, skin damage). Use fingers to apply to skin with a light, circular and upward massaging motion.

“Cleansing is hyper-personal depending on skin type. If you're super dry, you might not need to cleanse your skin each morning, where some with more oily complexions prefer a twice-daily cleanse.”


Suck it Up Bamboo Charcoal Pore Refining Cleanser delivers:

  1. A more radiant and clear complexion.
  2. Improvement in skin texture and elasticity.
  3. Balanced moisture levels and an intact moisture barrier.
  4. Detoxified skin that’s been wiped of free radical damage.
  5. A reduced look of large pores over time.