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The Great Backyard Escape - It's Essential.

The Great Backyard Escape - It's Essential.


It's safe to say 2020 has brought along some unprecedented times. 
And, after being stuck inside for the past 6 months - taking too many video calls and wondering when I'd be able to go on my next BIG adventure - it hit me... with so much focus on travelling, I had barely scratched the surface of exploring the beautiful places available to explore in my backyard, Ontario Canada.
Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to grab my bubble crew and escape into nature, feeding my passion for travel, in the safety of my own province. 

After exploring a few different options, we landed on the world-renowned Algonquin Provincial Park Backcountry portaging for our next adventure. Lucky enough for me, this beautiful landscape is only a 4hr drive from home, making it an easy weekend getaway.

Packing is everything!

I’ve come to find a huge contributor to my enjoyment level on each journey I take is based on how well I'm prepped going in. Packing light, but smart, is essential to my wellbeing throughout each trip I'm on. When I have these essentials, there’s no situation I’m not prepared for.

  • FUJI X20 Camera
    This is my go-to camera for when I need a lightweight solution instead of carrying a bag full of gear. It’s small, compact, and the quality is right on par. (used in all these photo's!)

  • My Music 
    Throwing on a good album to help get you through the journey allows to disconnect and enjoy the moment. I love the vibes on this Ray LaMontagne Spotify radio station

  • Favourite Cap
    I protect my skin from the sun naturally, with my fav hat. It blocks suns rays and keeps unwanted visitors out of my hair.

  • Face Care Essentials 
    1) Vital Facecare's Suck It Up. This cleanser washes away the sweat and dirt that builds up along a long journey. 
    2) Vital Facecare's Take Your Time. This wrinkle defense gel keeps my skin moisturized and fresh feeling in the most rugged situations. Bonus: It's super easy to apply
  • Apple Watch
    Keeps me motivated to stay activate, monitors my exercise accomplishments, and can help me if I'm ever lost. 


The Great Escape

Once we were all packed and ready to go, we ventured out on what would become a weekend for the books. 

We started the trip, launching from Canoe Lake and arriving at our final destination on Otterslide Lake.

Our route included challenges involving portage trails, and 6 hours of paddling against the wind.

It goes without saying that by the time we set up camp - a quick freshen up was in order.

From beautiful weather, enjoying the crisp swims at Sunset, and gazing up at the stars around the fire, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our weekend escape.

But the absolute highlight, was our first time seeing a Canadian moose.

After the exhaustion of paddling and carrying our gear for hours on end, seeing this beautiful creature grazing in the marsh gave me an even greater appreciation for how beautiful Ontario is, and satisfied my need for adventure during a time when we aren't to travel beyond our own backyard. 

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