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You Put It On Your Bod, But Where Does It Go?
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You Put It On Your Bod, But Where Does It Go?

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You're standing in front of a mirror reapplying your now-faded fav lipstick, and you get a sudden urge to eat it. No, no, this never happens over here (obviously :)). But it does bring us to wonder - what happens and where does it go once applied?

Your skin is your body's first line of defense against bacteria, chemicals, and harsh environments of the world outside. But it's not the impenetrable badass shield that you want it to be. Substances still penetrate your skin just as you release toxins and moisture in your sweat.

The good (and not so good) on skin absorption.

What you put on your body, can go in your body. Hands holding a heard of moisturizer.

The fact that your skin absorbs what you put on it is both good and bad.

"Studies have shown that particles contained in a sun cream can end up in the bloodstream," says Research Physician of Cosmetic Dermatology, Jetske Ultee. "And a painkiller such as a topical medicine also absorbs deeper; otherwise, it wouldn't work."

On the bright side, essential oils' healing properties, vitamins, minerals, and moisture are doing their job. Yay! Your anti-wrinkle cream penetrates the barriers of your skin and works its magic to repair deeper damage. You'll look youthful in no time. 

But what isn't great is that you may be unwittingly welcoming chemicals and synthetic ingredients into your body through the products you use. These can cause nasty breakouts, rashes, acne, allergies, and even more serious and longer-term damage. 

Governing bodies have standards to help ensure you avoid exposure to too much of these. 

The US has 11 officially FDA-banned chemicals and ingredients. 

Canada has a much higher standard, officially banning 500 chemicals and ingredients from products you purchase, so it is assumed that skincare products made-in Canada follow more strict rules and regs. 

The importance of clean, healthy-for-you ingredients.

Your body is your temple. Woman doing yoga handstand.

Your body is your temple, and you care about what you're putting in it. Now let's extend that same generous, loving care to what you put on it.

Just as you monitor your food's ingredients, check out what's in your favourite skincare products. What are the top 10 ingredients listed in your daily moisturizer? Do you know what they are? Are they certified organic or derived from nature? It's worth looking - ingredient lists are listed in order from the most to the least present ingredient. 

Nurture your skin, nurture your body.

natural and organic ingredients that are good for you.

To quote a Harvard University post, "first toxicologist [said that] 'the dose makes the poison'… meaning minimization of exposure, is key." If you see products in your routine that have chemicals that don't align with your healthy lifestyle, swap them out for ones that do. 

There are far too many products made with good-for-you ingredients that occur naturally in our world to waste your time on anything else. We're thinking of bee propolis, vitamin-rich organic cranberries, and refreshing aloe, or ocean-based retinol and royal preserve jelly, to name a few. Wonderful ingredients that treat your body like the temple it is. 

Find your healthy balance both in and on your body.