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The Cranberry: Small, But Mighty And History In Health & Wellness.
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The Cranberry: Small, But Mighty And History In Health & Wellness.

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“To repair and hydrate your skin from environmental stressors, there’s no one you can trust more than Mother Nature herself.”

The skinny...

Let's face it, from extreme weather (hot-damaging-sun, dirt & grime, the local lake) to your extreme effort - you put your skin through a lot on the daily.
So, while super important to refuel and rehydrate your body after a super-satisfying session, it’s vital to help your skin recover too. 

That’s where high-performance plants and fruits like cranberry come in... a key player in helping your skin look bright and lively, regardless of what you put it through.

Here’s the low-down on Mother Nature's natural superhero, and the results you’ll see if you include it not only in hydration, but also in your skin care sesh.

 women holding cranberries

The C
ranberry Backstory

This small but mighty berry isn’t just a delicious festive-dinner side-kick; it’s also a hero ingredient with a long history of use in health and wellness.

Indigenous peoples traditionally used cranberry for medicinal purposes as an infection fighter, and New World pilgrims once consumed it to ward off scurvy
(it worked: cranberries are chock full of vitamin C).

Today, the cranberry is as popular and helpful for your bod as ever.

You’ll find it in everything from superfood smoothies, infused water to hydrate thy-self to loaves of bread.  That's why we include it as one of our skin care ingredients.

Cranberry close-up

The Benefits ?  

Cranberry’s secret weapon is an exceptionally hefty concentration of antioxidants—more than you’d find in virtually any other fruits or veggies.

Think of these antioxidants as the peacekeepers of your body: they protect you by disarming free radicals (a type of unstable molecule), stopping them before they can cause havoc in your skin, like accelerating signs of aging.

Doing damage control is a must since it’s impossible to avoid free radicals altogether. These harmful molecules are generated by the sun you’re exposed to during your runs, the air pollution you inadvertently breathe when training for your next road-bike race, and lots of other environmental factors.

Luckily, there’s no need to quit your active outdoor lifestyle, as long as you play defense by getting your protective antioxidants daily.
“Your body naturally generates its own free radicals during intense exercise. But there’s no need to stop moving—just get your antioxidants.”

     Beyond skin-saving antioxidants, cranberries are:
  1. loaded with nutrients, like vitamins C (also known as Ascorbic Acid - it is essential for the maintenance of your skin), E and K

  2. deeply powerful and hydrating essential fatty acids
It’s no wonder we’re deeming cranberries Mother Nature's natural superhero.


Where to find it: Reap the benefits of organic cranberry in Vital Facecare Look Lively Advanced Firming Eye Cream. It helps repair and hydrate the delicate eye area, and smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Think of it as your skin’s recommended (twice-daily) serving of super fruit.